Depression and symptoms

depression and symptomsdepression and symptoms

Depression and symptoms

People with signs of depression, have several moods and emotional cadences that increase in intensity.

In most cases, they come from the womb and childhood.

In this sense, many people manage to leave the past and can advance in their future without being affected.

But in many other cases, people are stuck in the past, they carry it emotionally day by day

Which, any circumstance affects them emotionally, related unconsciously with some event

People fail to realize that they have some emotional damage, they just blame it all around their circumstance

They tend to complain about everything and everyone, they believe that all people just want to hurt them

In this sense, people who have emotional and depressive problems, are usually generated to people with the same problem

That is, what they are always upset with people, the day they get to have a partner, find it with the same characteristics.


Depression and symptoms

If they were in a family where the father was an alcoholic, they tend to have an alcoholic partner.

On the other hand, if they experienced violence in their childhood, they usually encounter a violent person in their life.

In this sense the treatments are required to be performed with specialists or groups of help.

Since even when a person, manages to let go of his past and becomes aware of the circumstances.

It manages to close circles in your life, at the same time you can have a healthy relationship.

Having this cut with the employer he once had, and when they get to have children,  their education will be in a healthy way.


Depression and symptoms manifests itself in many ways:

Emotional mental disorder, this is reflected with a mental decay, too much sadness, disinterest for himself and for everything.

In addition, deep melancholy, unhappiness, irritable mood, trouble falling asleep or vice versa sleep over.

Eating by over compulsion or otherwise, loses appetite, begins to isolate,

Too much fatigue and total lack of energy, feels useless, hates himself and is guilty of everything.

He feels desperate and abandoned, has difficulty concentrating, exaggerates in his movements either very fast or very slow.

Loss of sexual appetite, are usually withdrawn and inactive, their recurring thoughts are death or suicide.

All of the above must be taken care of as this can lead to more severe problems that can be controlled.

People need to make sense of life as it is a wonderful gift that we all have.

By breaking with generational and behavioral chains, new generations will come emotionally healthier.

Since this entails having a conscious society, with values ​​and principles of self-help and help to others.

This helps us not to generate more violence, mainly the people we love the most, in the family and society.

Depression and symptoms

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